Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Who can be a member of the Shall We All Dance club?

The Shadow Hills Community Association limits membership in all Charter Clubs to residents of the Sun City Shadow Hills (SCSH) community.  Outside guests may participate in events that are opened by the club to non-residents.  Unless otherwise noted, all dance classes and dance events are open to non-residents.

2.  What are the advantages of membership?

In order to retain charter club status, the club needs to have the support of SCSH residents. This is achieved by showing a sufficient number of residents are club members.  Without charter club status, the club would not have access to community facilities such as the Montecito Ballroom or the Fitness Center Aerobics Studio.  Also, the higher our membership count, the more "leverage" we have to reserve for club use the busy venues, such as the Ballroom.  If you are a SCSH resident and attend club events, you are encouraged to be a club member.  Membership costs just $10 per club year, and includes admission to your first dance.  All successive dances are $5.00.   Membership is also open to dance partners of SCSH members who are single.

3.  How do I register for a dance class?

Just show up at the appointed time!  No reservations are required.  You can sign up the day you attend.  Classes are held in the Montecito Fitness Center Aerobics Studio.  Please wear appropriate shoes (no flip-flops!) that move with you so you minimize the chance of trips or falls.  The dance class schedule can be found on this website under the menu item "Class Schedule".

4.  How do I register for a dance event?

The club may offer two types of dance events:  Dinner Dance and Just Dance.  A Dinner Dance includes a dinner and requires tickets be purchased in advance.  (We need an accurate meal count for the caterer.)  Tickets can be purchased at the SCSH Montecito Clubhouse Lifestyles Desk, or at any scheduled dance class.  Our "Just Dance" events are casual dances with no food or drink served.  (You may bring your own.)  For Just Dance events, you do not need to pre-register.  Just sign in and pay at the door.  The dance event schedule can be found on this website under the menu item "Dance Schedule".

5.  If I want to offer help to the club, whom do I contact?

All SCSH charter clubs are managed and run by members.  Much work is required to schedule events, book performers, monitor attendance, prepare and set up event decorations, coordinate with facilities for room arrangements, coordinate with the caterer, manage financials, and prepare reports as required by our charter -- all this and more is done by club members who are willing to help to make our club a success.  If you want to join these active club members, please contact our President, Judy Wilson, at  858-337-5284.